The Legend Never Dies

I will be deleting this app off my phone (which is basically my only means of Tumblr) by tomorrow night.. so if any of you would like to say anything to me or whatever, now would be the time to do so. And I leave with this:

You. Are beautiful.

Everything about you individually cannot be replicated by the most advanced means known on Earth. You are the only “you” this universe will ever create and every single thing you do from the breaths you take, to the noise you make when you’re tickled is nothing short from stupendously amazing. “you” are the result of billions upon billions of years of chaotic destruction by the universe and no matter what happens, or what is said, know that you were given the most precious thing known to man-kind. life. And with that, only one. “you” are one of a billion and yet “you”, by far, are the most precious and beautiful thing here. You’re beautiful. No matter what.